How to avoid scammers when shopping online

How to avoid scammers when shopping online

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How to avoid scammers when shopping online

Online shopping is a convenient way to buy what you need.
West Virginia Attorney General Patrick Morrisey knows many of us will use websites to let us shop from our homes and get the items delivered to our door this holiday season. But his office also warns us to be careful.

“Don’t leave your packages unattended and attract thieves. These porch pirates will take any chance to ruin your happiness this season,” Morrisey said.

Of course, many of those who are shopping online are doing so because of their busy schedules.

How do we keep our purchases safe?
“Consumers should think about having packages shipped to their workplace or a neighbor’s house they trust instead of leaving packages at home unattended,” Morrisey’s office said. “Consumers can also choose to have their packages shipped to a local post office or authorized FedEx or UPS locations for pick up.”

Other options include asking for a signature to confirm receipt and using video doorbells.

Knowing how many of us depend on online shopping — and how many of us may not remember when an item is supposed to arrive — Morrisey’s office also reminded residents of some common scams.

One shipping scam is the “parcel-waiting” scheme, in which a consumer finds a card at home saying someone tried to deliver a package, and asks the consumer to call a phone number for details. Then, the consumer ends up talking to someone who wants to get money or personal information from them.

It’s sad to be so cautious during what should be a joyful time of year. But Morrisey’s office is right. We’ll enjoy the season more if we take some steps to protect ourselves from scammers.

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